February 21-23, 2020 - Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

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8-01_The Song of Women: Raising *Their* Voices in Our Church_Sarah Hart MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-02_God Here and Now_John Angotti MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-04_We Are God's Hands Songs to Celebrate and Teach Mercy to Children_Andrew Chinn MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-05_Affective Maturity and Discernment Keys for the Formation of Ministers Today_Rev. Allan Figueroa Deck MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-06_Sacramental Preparation for Lifelong Encounters with Christ_Jared Dees MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-07_Introduction to Islam Tips for Catholic Educators and Journalists_Jordan Denari Duffner MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-08_Accompanying Young Adults in Discernment and Discipleship_Tom East MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-09_Everyday Holiness_Robert Ellsberg MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-11_The Present Moment A Sacrament and Ambassador_Fr. Albert Haase MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-13_Loving the Dust We Are Renewing Our Understanding of the Human Person_Rev. Daniel Horan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-14_In Times Like These A Time for Faith A Time for Hope_ValLimar Jansen MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-15_Catholic Leaders Today Envision the Future or Be Eclipsed by It_Fr. Michael Martin MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-16_Saints and Prophets for a Church and World in Crisis_Bro. Michael O'Neil McGrath MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-18_The Mundane Mercy of Catholic Family Life_Timothy O'Malley MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-19_Unleashing the Power of Scripture Ministry Powered by the Word of God_Joe Paprocki MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-20_A Church with Open Doors A Monastic Approach to Youth Ministry_Abbot Richard Purcell MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-21_Planning and Implementing Effective Retreats_Cooper Ray MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-22_Forming Missionary Disciples_Dr. Edward Sri MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-23_"Christus Vivit" Implications for Catechetical Leaders and Youth Ministers_Dr. Joseph White MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-51_El activismo cristiano como una practica de santidad_Dr. Hosffman Ospino MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-52_Pastoral juvenil en donde no se balconea la vida sino se vive!_Katherine Angulo MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-53_La mujer en una Iglesia en salida El lenguaje simbolico_Emilce Cuda de Dunbar MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-54_Culturas y mision El Evangelio encarnado_Rev. Eduardo Fernandez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-55_Pastoral renovada de los sacramentos de iniciacion cristiana_Fr. Manuel Jimenez Rodriguez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-57_Abramos nuestros corazones El racismo un atentado contra la dignidad humana_Maria del Mar Munoz-Visoso MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-58_El Evangelio de los Cristianos de Antioquia_Mario Romero MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-59_Tres dias despues ... Discipulos de Cana a la cruz_Luis Soto MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-70_Vietnamese Workshop ("Holy Holy Holy Lord God of Hosts..." (Is 6:3) - The Bible and Liturgy)_Rev. Thinh Pham MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-98_Keynote_English_Called to Compassion Witnesses of God's Mercy in the World_Sr. Teresa Maya MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
8-99_Keynote_ Spanish_Ojos abiertos corazones vivos manos a la obra La Misericordia accion de Dios en el mundo_ Bishop Daniel Flores MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00

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