February 21-23, 2020 - Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

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4-01_Heartstorming Creating a Place God Can Call Home_Dr. Robert Wicks MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-02_Who Is My Neighbor Them or Us?_Sr. Dianne Bergant MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-03_Your Joy Complete Gang Members and Reclaiming the Mysticism of Jesus_Fr. Greg Boyle MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-04_When Current Events Make You Cringe_Andrea Chavez-Kopp MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-05_Islam and Interreligious Dialogue How Our Catholic Faith Calls Us to Dialogue and Action_Jordan Denari Duffner MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-06_Pope Francis to Young Adults "Grow in Holiness"_Rev. David Dwyer MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-07_A Living Gospel Reading God's Story in Holy Lives_Robert Ellsberg MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-08_What Can Stigma Teach Us About Mercy and Holiness?_Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-09_What is Mercy Anyway? Five Insights into the Mercy that Makes Us Holy as God is Holy_Fr. Richard Fragomeni MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-10_Friendship and Christian Vocation Is Anyone Ever Really Single?_Dr. Richard Gaillardetz MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-11_Companions in Conflict_Ann Garrido MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-12_Living Faith Why and How to Evangelize_Dr. Thomas Groome MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-14_You Become Real The Power of Human Touch_Rev. Terry Hershey MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-15_How Can I Serve You? Learning to be an Accompanist_Bill Huebsch MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-17_St. Paul's Experience of God's Mercy and His Call to Holiness_Rev. Felix Just MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-19_Marriage Preparation and Ongoing Formation How to Make This Sacrament a Source of Holiness for the World!_Rev. Leo Patalinghug MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-20_Forming with Fun Musical Catechesis for the Young Child_James Wahl MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-21_Don't Be Weary Spiritual Practices for Health and Wholyness_Dr. C. Vanessa White MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-22_How to Be a Happier Family_Dr. John Yzaguirre MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-23_The Future of Women in the Church A Conversation_Fr. Christopher Bazyouros MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-51_Vive la misericordia y recaptura la alegria de tu ministerio_Katherine Angulo MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-52_Santa Maria Imagen y semejanza del Padre de Misericordias_Prof. Gilberto Cavazos-Gonzalez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-53_Catequesis biblico-narrativa: Para el Encuentro con Cristo_Fr. Manuel Jimenez Rodriguez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-54_Maria en la espiritualidad hispana_Dr. Timoteo Matovina MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-55_El camino de la misericordia Un reto para la catequesis actual_Maria Elena Ocegueda Juarez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-56_La busqueda de la santidad en la Iglesia actual_Rev. Domingo Rodriguez Zambrana MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-57_Catequesis familiar_Sr. Maria Romero MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-58_Felicidad y tecnologia Un desafio para el ser hombre_Msgr. Lucio Ruiz MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-59_El amor a si mismo Antidoto al egoismo_Dr. Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
4-70_Vietnamese Workshop (Can a Catholic Disagree with the Church's Teachings?)_Rev. Hy Nguyen MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00

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