Branded Ecommerce Store

Your Online Store

Conference Media is ready to meet your organizations e-commerce needs, economically and efficiently. A customized online store that is easy-to-use and rich in features is available now. We've taken the work and worry out of selling or sharing your conference content online because we take care of hosting, maintenance, updates and customer technical support.

Online store features you'll like

  • Your store has been real-world tested and is ready to go
  • Seamlessly connects with a link from your organization's existing site
  • Sales revenues can go directly to your organization
  • Store versatility allows for coupons and specials
  • Your store will be on-demand and download ready

  • Clear, easy navigation
  • Full-text search capability
  • Session descriptions included
  • Quick order fulfillment
  • Easy access to on-demand and downloadable content
  • Professional, courteous technical support

On-Site Sales

Conference On Site Sales

Most sales typically occur during the conference, when attendee interest and excitement are highest. Conference Media can help you maximize your on-site sales revenues by supplying enthusiastic salespeople that are professional and knowledgeable about what they are selling. Our salespeople understand the rhythm of a conference and will be ready to quickly assist customers when they're ready to buy. Conference Media salespeople are also trained to education new customers about our products and how they work.

Order Fulfillment

Media Order Fulfillment

If your organization prefers to offer disc products, Conference Media can easily take care of your order fulfillment. From duplication to postage, on-site and/or online sales - your orders will go out quickly and accurately.