Media Delivery Options


Download Media

Within minutes of placing an order at your organization's customized online store, customers can be listening to or viewing their downloaded session(s). Audio recordings are available in MP3 file format and sessions captured with Dynamic Screen CaptureTM (visual content synchronized with audio) are available in MOV file format. Once the customer has downloaded and saved a session to their computer, they will have access to it until they choose to delete.

On-Demand Webcasts

Conference Media On Demand

While they may seem similar, webcasts and downloads are two different methods of delivery, each with distinct pros and cons. The main distinction is that, unlike downloaded sessions (as described above), sessions that are webcast cannot be saved to the viewer's computer giving you better control of your material.


Conference Cd Dvd Production

Our CD-ROM and DVD-ROM products now make it possible to put every session recorded or captured at a conference on fewer discs making them more convenient to use. Each disc includes a browser-based (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) interface that's attractive and easy-to-navigate so that end-users can quickly find and play individual sessions. To add value to your disc products, you can also include supplemental content such as Continuing Education information and forms, the Interactive Exhibitor Hall or the Digital Sponsor Gallery.

The MP3 files on a CD-ROM or DVD-ROM can be played using a computer media player (PC or Mac), an MP3 compatible DVD player or (for the CD-ROM only) in an MP3 compatible disc players. MP3 files can also be transferred to a portable MP3 device for even more convenience and portability.

Our Multimedia DVD-ROM products contain Flash files of captured content (visuals synchronized with audio) and an embedded Flash player to improve compatibility and eliminate playback issues with no additional software to install.