Since 1996

Conference Media is a privately-owned and operated business that takes pride in providing all their clients with outstanding products and services in the capture, production and distribution of educational content.

Bill Becher and Gerri Vermont founded Conference Media shortly after they moved to Colorado in 1996. Before the year came to a close they were preparing for their first big 'show' - a large, week-long medical conference with over 200 sessions to record.

Between them, Bill and Gerri have over 40 years of working experience in media technology and the convention and meeting industry. Their experience makes it possible to provide effective professional development solutions that get information quickly and easily into the hands of the people who need it most - your organization's members.

If your conferences and educational events are important to your organization, only trust the capture of your educational content to a company that can deliver on what they promise - Conference Media delivers.

Dependability - Reliability

A Quality Product Guaranteed Against Defects

All Backed by Superior Customer Service