February 21-23, 2020 - Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

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5-01_Pope Francis and the Seven Year Itch Where Things Stand After Seven Years of a Maverick Pope_John Allen Jr. MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-03_Live Wholly - Mind, Body, Spirit A Mini Retreat and Movement Workshop_Donna Anderle MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-04_Embracing and Celebrating Diversity_Dr. Ansel Augustine MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-05_I Believe! Songs for Catechesis and Evangelization_John Burland MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-06_Ministering to the "Nones"_Fr. John Cusick MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-07_Sharing That Christ is Alive Through Confirmation Ministry with Youth_Tom East MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-08_Widowed - How to Get Through_Amy Florian MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-09_Grandparents Rockin' God's Grand Plan!_Anne Frawley-Mangan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-10_Deaf Ears How Pre-Evangelization and the Kerygma Help You Speak to People Where They Are Actually At_Tim Glemkowski MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-11_How to Be Married and Stay Engaged_Dr. Jim Healy MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-12_We Are All Called Loved and Sent Spiritual Wisdom from Pope Francis_Rev. Daniel Horan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-13_"God's Gonna Trouble the Water" The Healing Power of Jesus, with Music!_ValLimar Jansen MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-14_What Next for LGBTQ Catholics?_Rev. James Martin MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-15_The Racism Pastoral Contributions and Missed Opportunities_Fr. Bryan Massingale MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-16_Engaging Young People in God Talk!_Robert McCarty MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-17_The Good the Bad and the Ornery Discipleship in the New Testament_Fr. J. Patrick Mullen MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-18_The Dead Man Walks Unceasing Death Penalty Dialogue Bears Fruit_Sr. Helen Prejean MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-19_Raising the Bar on Junior High Ministry_Cooper Ray MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-20_Science Miracles and Faith_Fr. Robert Spitzer MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-21_The New Face of Migration Sharing the Migrant's Journey from a Psychosocial Perspective_Cecilia Suarez Trueba MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-22_Changing Lives Through the Way We Sing_Christopher Walker MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-23_Finding God's Presence in Missiondom_Sherry Weddell MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-51_La justicia social al servicio de la encarnacion del evangelio_Rev. Eduardo Fernandez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-52_La verdad de Guadalupe_Canonigo Dr. Eduardo Chavez Sanchez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-53_Misericordia y santidad La propuesta del Papa Francisco para la transformacion ecologica integral_Emilce Cuda de Dunbar MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-54_Compasion Misericordia solidaria_Dr. Orlando Espin MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-55_La transmision de la fe en la familia Como mantener a los hijos cerca de Dios_Constanza Palomo de Fernandez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-56_La Biblia en los ministerios_Dr. Jose Antonio Medina MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-57_Como enamorarse de la Palabra?_Leonardo Mongui-Casas MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-58_Herramientas para construir puentes con los catolicos LGBTQ_Fr. Michael Gutierrez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-59_Un laicado "santo" comprometido con la justicia_Dr. Olga Velez Caro MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
5-70_Vietnamese Workshop ("For All of You Who Were Baptized into Christ Have Clothed Yourselves with Christ" (Gal 3:27)_Rev. Thinh Pham MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00

Select Session To View: