February 21-23, 2020 - Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

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3-01_Start with Jesus WE the Missionary People!_Elsy Arevalo MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-02_Encountering Christ in Harmony Celebrating the New U.S. Bishops' Response on Asian-Pacific Islander Cultures and Ministries_Fr. Ricky Manalo MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-04_Firm in the Faith Music for Catechesis with Children and Families_John Burland MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-05_How to Bring Healing to Your Parish Staff or Ministry Group_Craig Colson MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-06_Lord, Have Mercy on Us, We Are Married!_Sr. Karla Felix-Rivera MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-07_Learning from Generations of LGBTQ Catholics_Dr. Arthur Fitzmaurice MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-08_Girl Power! Equipping Girls for Leadership_Anne Frawley-Mangan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-09_Faith for the Heart_Dr. Thomas Groome MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-12_Live! Be! Finding the Movement in Our Prayers_Monica Luther MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-13_The Way of Mercy & Holiness - Humility & Vulnerability_Jesse Manibusan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-14_"Who Do People Say That I Am?" What Young Adults Are Saying ..._Fr. Michael Martin MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-15_The Virtue of Courage and the Moral Life_Fr. Bryan Massingale MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-16_Aligning Our Vision of Youth and Young Adult Ministries with "Christus Vivit"_Charlotte McCorquodale MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-17_Me Cry! Mercy! Merci!_Mike Patin MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-18_The Penultimate Invitation to Holiness - Practicing Mercy as Jesus Practiced It_Fr. Ronald Rolheiser MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-19_Children's Liturgy of the Word That is Prayerful, Formative and Exciting_Michael Ruzicki MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-20_Ardi, Ape and Android Dialogues with the "Imago Dei" in Genesis_Prof. Daniel Smith-Christopher MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-21_Overwhelmed by God Are We Really Called to Be "Perfect"?_Sr. Maureen Sullivan MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-22_From Christendom to Missiondom Forming Intentional Disciples in the New Normal_Sherry Weddell MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-23_Hope for Individuals and Families Affected by Addiction_Scott Weeman MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-51__Misericordiosos como el Padre_Rev. Jose-Roman Flecha Andres MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-52_Reflexionando sobre la relacion de ayuda y la comunicacion constructiva_Dr. Julia Cano Valero MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-53_Prohibidos los abrazos? La etica pastoral y las normas legales para los ministros pastorales_Dr. Robert Hurteau MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-54_La Iglesia catolica en el siglo XXI_Dr. Jose Antonio Medina MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-55_Que vea! Una espiritualidad a traves de la biblia_Dr. Julia Prinz MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-56_El poder del ecumenismo en una crisis migratoria_Rev. Alexia Salvatierra MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-57_La fe vence el miedo El seguimiento de Jesus en el Evangelio de San Marcos_Luis Soto MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-58_La nueva cara de la migracion Compartiendo el viaje de las personas migrantes desde una perspectiva psicosocial_Cecilia Suarez Trueba MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-59_Lectores, ministros, musicos y su papel en la liturgia_Rev. Augustino Torres MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
3-70_Vietnamese Workshop (Live Mercy - Be Holy in Family)_Prof. Quyen Di MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00

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