February 21-23, 2020 - Los Angeles Religious Education Congress

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1-02 God Help Me! Getting Teens Excited About Mass - Steve Angrisano MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-03 The Catholic Church and the Deadly Epidemic of Gun Violence in the United States - Bishop Edward Braxton MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-04_Jesus, You Are Here for Me Finding Hope Amid the Struggle of Mental Illness_Andrew Chinn MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-05_Why Should I Go to Church?_Fr. John Cusick MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-06_Seeing and Savoring Stillness and Silence with Teenagers Among #allthethings_Stephanie Clouatre Davis MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-07_I Pray to Dios! Tools to Embrace Hispanic Youth in Our Parish Ministries_Ivan Diaz MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-08_Let's Talk About Truth_Ann Garrido MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-09_Made for Mission How to Change the Culture of Your Parish_Tim Glemkowski MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-10_The Spiritual Journey A Process of Transformation_Fr. Albert Haase MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-11_The Family as the Heart of Mercy_Kathy Hendricks MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-12_This Is the Life: Mindfulness, Finding Grace and the Power of the Present_Rev. Terry Hershey MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-13_Promise and Hope Accompaniment in the Parish_Bill Huebsch MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-14_Neuroscience and Spirituality for Teens and Young Adults_Anne Kertz Kernion MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-15_The Awe-Inspiring Rites of the RCIA Training for Baptismal Living_Diana Macalintal MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-16_Shifting Parents from the Parking Lot to Participation_Sr. Patricia McCormack MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-17_...On His Shoulders with Great Joy" Jesus as Model of Ministry_Fr. J. Patrick Mullen MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-18_Meeting Young Children Where They Are and Walking with Them on Their Spiritual Journey_Pamela Perrino MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-19_Accompanying Traumatized Teens_Roy Petitfils MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-20_Jesus' Justice League Superheroes of Faith_Fr. R. Tony Ricard' MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-21_Youth Group is Dead Christ is Alive_John Rinaldo MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-22_The Power of Ecumenism in an Immigration Crisis_Rev. Alexia Salvatierra MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-23_Wise Guides on the Road to Sainthood African American Ancestors of Faith_Dr. C. Vanessa White MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-24_The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart Strengthening Your Inner Life in Challenging Times_Dr. Robert Wicks MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-51_Por que no creemos que podemos ser santos?_Rev. Domingo Rodriguez Zambrana MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-52_Principios basicos para la catequesis con personas con disCapacidades_Ana Barraza MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-54_La formacion integral para mejores discipulos misioneros_Leonardo Mongui-Casas MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-55_La clave misericordia para vivir como cristianos del siglo XXI a la luz de Francisco_Marcelo Murua MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-56_La santidad esta mas cerca de lo que pensamos_Maria Elena Ocegueda Juarez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-57_El liderazgo centrado en virtudes Un camino seguro hacia la santidad_Hector Tabares Ramirez MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00
1-58_Eucaristia y sanacion_Dr. Dora Tobar Mensbrugghe MP3- $11.00 CD - $13.00

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